Peer Supervision in English Language Teaching- Case Study

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Peer Supervision in English Language Teaching- Case Study

Emiliana Cândida Dias Alves Pereira



The swiftness in which the world we live in is constantly changing and, therefore the school as an institution and place of ongoing development and learning, demand from us a flexibility, as well as an ability to look for answers to these ongoing   challenges. Investing in our personal and professional growth is the only way we can keep up with these staggering changes.

Based on this premise, this project work had as its main objective to understand the different perceptions of English Language Teachers (ELT), from a Private Teaching Institution in the metropolitan area of Porto, concerning collaborative supervision as a tool to foster professional development in a working environment.

Moreover, it aimed to understand the different teachers’ perspectives towards collaborative supervision and the practical feasibility in a real context of professional teaching. Bearing in mind that no training is definitive, and we are beings in constant growth and development, this project is the perfect opportunity to go through with our professional development, attending to our specific needs.

Alongside these perceptions, we were also able to identify constraints and hardships, but also put forward new improvement suggestions, envisioning the maintainability of the project in future years. Methodologically and, following a qualitative approach, we carried out class observations, construction and analysis of performance profiles of the different teachers, as well as an implementation of a questionnaire survey and a discussion group.

The main outcomes are the fact that this project allowed us to identify the teachers’ different perspectives concerning collaborative supervision, just as the development of the teaching professionalism with a major focus on the areas previously highlighted by the intervening teachers.

keywords: Collaborative Supervision, Cambridge English Teacher Framework, Personal and Professional Development, Observation, Reflection.