The Purpose, Tasks, Provisions of a Person-Centered Intensive Program Psychotherapy

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2020


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The Purpose, Tasks, Provisions of a Person-Centered Intensive Program Psychotherapy

Mariam Vachagan Mehrabyan



Person-centered intensive program psychotherapy is the systematic application of modern psychotherapeutic approaches, where it is important the approach to client’s psychological complaint in intensity and coordination. There are already defined terms for solving psychological problems and several specialists can work with the problem. The stage of psychodiagnosis is important, where collaboration with the psychiatrist may be necessary. From identification the common patterns and the statistical analysis of the cases from 2009-2019 at the Psychological Center “Zhesture”, it becomes clear that a large number of psychological problems in the modern world require an intensive program approach. Within the framework of Person-centered intensive program psychotherapy, there are deadlines for solving the problem, for example, 36 meetings for neurotic symptoms, 42 hours work with anxiety attacks /during more intensive visits/. Family psychotherapy lasts 24 meetings; by the way, the first 8 meetings with couples are implemented individually, 24 meetings for various fears in the case of child psychotherapy, 8 meetings with parents. 36 months are appointed for the children with autism spectrum disorder: meetings are held twice a week with 4 specialists and every 6 months we are organizing a discussion with the team and family. In the provisions of Person-centered intensive program psychotherapy it is important to highlight the teamwork of professionals with the techniques from different areas, such as cognitive, Jungian, psychoanalytical, gestalt.

Keywords: Person-centered, intensive, program, psychotherapy.