Gender-Based Differentiation Among the Elected Barangay Officials in The First District of Cavite

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2020


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Gender-Based Differentiation Among the Elected Barangay Officials in The First District of Cavite

Victoriano N. Rodil, Frinze Al A. Bernal, Maria Ciella S. Buena, Anabee G, Pedregosa, Sharmaine “K.C.” B. Dela Cruz, Seuz Rey C. Cantela



This study, within political boundaries of District 1, Province of Cavite, Philippines, was conducted from July 2018 to December 2019. It determined gender role differentiation among elected barangay officials in the 1st district of Cavite. Ascertaining equal views, purposive incidental technique was utilized, tagging 137 female barangay officials; same numbers of male barangay officials were identified through incidental sampling.

The First District (City of Cavite, Municipalities of Noveleta, Kawit and Rosario) of Cavite Province has 134 barangays with 1,072 elected barangay seats; women occupied 298 seats (27.8%).In reproductive-, productive-, community managing- and leisure-related activities, the elected officials were dominant in choices and decisions within their respective household.Productive gender policies were on protection and welfare of children, curbing delinquent gangs, and substance dependence and abuse.In reproductive, productive, community managing, and leisure activities, dominance was in access, control, and benefits by elected officials in their respective household.  Male dominance is on access and control of vehicles and house repairs while female was on credit, money and taking care of sick children.The problems, needs and constraints included waste management, noise nuisance, and teenagers’ behaviors – also, confusions on gender related terms.It is suggested that barangay council attend orientation and training on Harmonized Gender Development Guide and be given materials to infuse familiarity with the gender terminologies. Responsible parenting seminar would help families guide their youths; mothers be given role in this program; and fathers, through all male advocacy group like KATROPA could instils family bonding.

Keywords: GAD Cavite; Gender Labor; Labor Differentiation; Cavite Gender.