Gender issues effects of Vietnamese – Korean multicultural families

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Year: 2023



Gender issues effects of Vietnamese – Korean multicultural families

Ha Jin I




Individual behavior is influenced by the social environment in which people grow up and so people make decisions based on that. Therefore, understanding your partner’s social characteristics and values will decrease the risk of a breakup. If the person has none or limited social understanding of their partner’s cultural background, they may react inappropriately to interactions among family members, as even when marrying a person of the same country, language, and culture, there are still difficulties to match each other. Therefore, when marrying a foreigner with different cultural characteristics, the odds of having misunderstandings increase. This paper aims to examine some conceptions of gender in Vietnamese and Korean societies and their influence on Vietnamese – Korean multicultural families. The number of marriages between Vietnamese and Koreans, first-time marriages and remarriages, is expected to increase in number. Therefore, in both Vietnamese and Korean multicultural families policy, it is advised to prepare beforehand the citizens of both countries with a more specific understanding of their respective social environments.
This paper uses qualitative research methods through document analysis. The references used include scientific articles published in Vietnam, Korea, as well as, other international countries. All the information used in this paper is sourced from Vietnamese and Korean government agencies and organization’s official statistical sites.

keywords: Vietnamese – Korean multicultural families, gender, social enviroments, different, cultural characteristics