Third Country National Women’s Access To Training and Employment in Greece

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Year: 2023



Third Country National Women’s Access To Training and Employment in Greece

Lila Mastora, Dr. Anastasia Sidera




The present study explores the obstacles third country national women face in their effort to access vocational training and the labour market in Greece. Following the initial response to the refugee crisis of 2015, integration of refugees, especially through employment, has become the central focus of most relevant stakeholders. However, participation of third country national women in the labour market remains low. Through qualitative methodology, this research study aimed at identifying structural obstacles hindering integration of women in the labour market. Considering intersectoral collaboration as imperative in this process, the level of cooperation among different stakeholders and action taken to overcome these obstacles were also examined. Data were collected through 10 in-depth interviews with third country national women, 5 in-depth interviews with representatives of public institutions and a focus group with representatives of civil society organizations. The research study was conducted as part of the European co-funded project MOMENTUM, carried out in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hungary.

keywords: integration, multi-stakeholder cooperation, qualitative methodology, structural obstacles, vulnerability