The Effects of Work-Life Conflict On Female Career Advancement

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Year: 2023



The Effects of Work-Life Conflict On Female Career Advancement

Rahimah Mohamed Yunos, Syahrul Ahmar Ahmad,Siti Masnah Saringat, Fatimah Hashim




This study examined whether female career advancement is influenced by work-life conflict. Online surveys were distributed to the alumni of University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia by a random sampling procedure. This study employed an OLS regression model to test the hypotheses developed. This study contributes to the extent literature to improve understanding of policy maker in university and employer whether work-life conflict impede female from progressing to the leadership level.  The results of this study will assist university in designing a suitable training for female students to strengthen their soft skill; and policymaker to design an improved mechanism that could assist the female workers as well as the organization to achieve the 30% of female composition on the board.

keywords: Leadership, family commitment, work enhancement, job opportunity, glass ceiling