Climate change Law: from the Kyoto Protocol to present days and beyond

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Climate change Law: from the Kyoto Protocol to present days and beyond

Din Shahiqi



Climate change today occupies an important place in international politics as one of the strange phenomena happening to the environment and as one of the phenomena that can cause many problems if awareness and care are not increased. To properly assess climate change, one must also look at the legal aspect of international law, as this issue has a global character and affects all countries in their way. What has been done in legal terms is not enough, although there is an orientation towards improving the legal aspect by trying to create legal conditions to control climate change and not be allowed to go out of the projections that have been made by science. This research could help us understand how abovementioned agreements made a huge impact on creating a legal regulation and policies which tries to protect the environment and natural resources affected, endangered or impacted by human activities.

In this research the topic bound to make a combination of methods and approaches that can create a scientifically based conclusion. Empirical methods, through which it will seek, data, statistics, documents, and other scientific resources (works, magazines, newspapers, internet). Analytical methods through which to analyze and synthesize resources implications and conclusions. Interpretive methods through which to interpret the material, historical implications and developments to the International Environmental Law. Certainly, will eventually have to summarize in synthetic form, the achievements of this research. In this paper we will try to shed light on what has been done so far and what will be the challenge and goal for the years to come, so that international law is even more codified, more relevant, when it comes to issues that relate to the preservation and protection of the environment from which we receive our daily benefits.

keywords: Climate Change, International Law, International agreements.