Multilingualism Matters: Learning Languages via the LAA

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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Multilingualism Matters: Learning Languages via the LAA

Dr. Karin Ariadne de Villa



This presentation focuses on current theoretical research in second language education and on how the Language Awareness Approach is key to fostering multilingualism. Language acquisition methodologies, in theory and practice, are undergoing constant change. By taking into account the necessity of communicating the message in different contexts, without ignoring the sociocultural aspects of the environment, as well as the ability to intuitively find solutions to the structure of the language in a correct form in order to convey proper meaning, the Language Awareness Approach provides a holistic approach to language learning and teaching. Through the Language Awareness Approach, students become highly motivated self-learners, expertly analyzing the syntax of their native language as well as that of the second language. By doing so, a second and third language is easily learned.  As students become more skilled in understanding how language works, they are able to internalize the new language and make it their own.

Keywords: second language; acquisition; pedagogy; teaching; motivation.