Accelerating Innovation and Start-ups through Entrepreneurship Education

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2020


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Accelerating Innovation and Start-ups through Entrepreneurship Education

Prof. Dr. Annette Blöcher, Lukas Simon Gawlik, and Prof. Dr. Marcus Störkel



This paper aims to stimulate debate among researchers and practioners within the process and development of innovations and the question of how to support future entrepreneurs through education. It is argued that universities play a major role within the innovation ecosystem. In fact, universities can be regarded as central partners due to their mission to teach and to research. Universities are increasingly initiating and promoting entrepreneurial thinking and acting of their students and contribute significantly to their students’ qualification as founders. Entrepreneurship education and the provision of facilities and services for young founders play an increasing role in promoting innovation as a knowledge-based output. Many studies have widely recognised that entrepreneurship education has great impacts on an individual, organisational, and societal level. It contributes to creating new jobs to economic success as well as to globalization, innovation and renewal. The present study examines the question of how universities – using one specific university as an example – can support the start-up activities of their students in order to develop and establish an entrepreneurial mindset and culture over time. This paper looks at two empirical studies: first, a recent survey from 2019 and second, a survey from 2016, allowing comparative statements over time. As a conclusion, the authors recommend a course of action to other universities to encourage and strengthen the start-up efforts of their students. Only by offering entrepreneurship education and creating an infrastructure for innovative ideas of their students and staff alike, can universities become serious innovation partner.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Education; Innovation Ecosystem; Start-up; University.