“Verbal Creativity JOB LAB English Training Course Using Task-Based Language Teaching for Undergraduates”

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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“Verbal Creativity JOB LAB English Training Course Using Task-Based Language Teaching for Undergraduates”

Mgr. Olga Kissová



The study aimed to develop creative verbal skills for students of a master’s degree program in our university Zilina in Slovakia, focused on teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) through investigating task-based teaching (TBLT) approach. The student-centered approach and the need to think out of the box have increased in foreign languages learning in our digital age. The research instruments included students’ pre-test and post-test and a questionnaire. Participants were the students of bachelor’s degree of Economics, approximately the same level of English, who took part in the research in an experimental group with a task-based class approach (N=25) and a control group with a traditional class approach (N=25). Before and after the intervention, the pre-post students’ tests were conducted. The questionnaires (5 Linkert scale, open questions) were used to measure the differences in results in connection with the experiment. The test tasks assessed the creativity in terms of fluency, flexibility, and originality in a topic-based Job Lab course based on creative thinking and sensitivity, elaboration, and redefinition as side-line factors. Research instruments were questionnaires, experiments, A set of methods were used in the paper: theoretical analysis, methods of mathematical statistics (mean, standard deviation). In research, both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. Quantitative data were analysed statistically using SPSS software. The positive results show that the task-based language teaching with teachers supports via step-by-step activities concentrating on transforming tasks from convergent to divergent ones increased boosting the student’s innovative approach and proved out as effective, engaging considerable growth in the foreign language teaching both practical knowledge of the target language and the development of the student’s verbal creativity, fluency, and cognitive skills.

keywords: creativity, convergent vs divergent thinking, CATs’ elements, verbal creativity, task-based language teaching (TBLT).