The Role of Employees’ Career Adaptability on Subjective Career Success

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2021


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The Role of Employees’ Career Adaptability on Subjective Career Success

Meryem Derya Yeşiltaş



The ability of employees to adapt to new job demands, various groups and different environments become more important because of factors such as the rapid change in the business environment, increased competition, globalization, natural disasters, and pandemic. Subjective career success (SCS), which expresses the career satisfaction and happiness of the employee, and career adaptability constitute the main subject of the study. It is aimed to determine the relationship between career adaptability of employees and their SCS and also the effect of career adaptability on SCS. Due to the corona pandemic, convenience and snowball sampling methods were used. The data was collected through online survey from 653 private sector employees in Turkey between 4th January and 16th January 2021. The 4-dimensional structure of career adaptability scale (concern, control, curiosity, and confidence) and the one-dimensional structure of SCS scale were used. Exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach Alpha validity test, normality test (skewness and kurtosis), Pearson correlation analysis, simple linear regression and multiple linear regression analyzes were used. As the results of the correlation analysis, SCS is correlated with career adaptability at a medium level, with concern and control dimensions at medium level, with curiosity and confidence dimensions at weak level. The result of the multiple linear regression analysis show that concern and control dimensions of career adaptability have positive effects. Curiosity and confidence dimensions do not have significant effects on SCS. The result of simple linear regression analysis shows that career adaptability has a positive effect on SCS.

keywords: concern; control; curiosity; confidence; employee.