COVID-19 Impact on the Student Community: A Survey

Proceedings of The 4th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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COVID-19 Impact on the Student Community: A Survey

Vidya Suresh, Sahana Rangasrinivasan, Ananthalekshmy A, Anamika Murthy, Aswini V Pai, Uma Bharathi J, Kiran Kumar B, Lekshmi Lal J, Dr. Balachandar.S



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change to the lives of many, leading to physical and mental repercussions. An online survey was distributed among students from various educational institutions to understand the effects of COVID19 on the student community. The results indicated that the pandemic disrupted student lives due to the increased social isolation and quarantine, hampering normal day-to-day activities ranging from eating habits, sleep patterns, and the ever-increase of screen time. Webinars were conducted to offer aid and guidance to those combating these issues. This paper aims to analyze the issues faced by the student community during the pandemic.

keywords: COVID-19, Student Community, Survey, Health, Online Education.