Visual Impairment and Tertiary Education in Karachi

Proceedings of The 4th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2021


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Visual Impairment and Tertiary Education in Karachi

Shanil Khowaja



This paper presents challenges and problems faced by students with visual impairment in tertiary education in Karachi, Pakistan, from an emic perspective. This research discusses various external barriers experienced by students pursuing their Bachelor/Master degree (aiming to finish sixteen years of education) in tertiary education institutes in Karachi. The findings were also corroborated by disability experts and those students with visual impairment who have finished their sixteen years of education. Drawing on primary research findings and a thorough literature review, this research explores – by reflecting and discussing past experiences – how labeling, societal attitudes, educational resources, teaching pedagogy, naturalization of social constructs and integration of visually impaired in contemporary tertiary educational institute(s) in Karachi influence their access to quality education. Finally, strategies and steps to improve tertiary education system in Karachi are also examined and shared in this paper.

keywords: Students with Visual Impairment; Pedagogy; Social Constructionism; Habitus; Inclusion.