The influence of corporate behavior on knowledge exploration for innovation

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Applied Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



The influence of corporate behavior on knowledge exploration for innovation

Emi Asayama



The current global business environment has become increasingly more complex, so much so that organizational transformation, including continuous organizational learning, has become imperative. Despite this, top management at most companies have not yet changed on their transformation journey. Although previous research showed that corporate behaviors influence knowledge exploration for organizational transformation including knowledge exploration and knowledge exploiting for innovation has been identified, the holistic relationship among those corporate behaviors has not been clarified. From this background, the purpose of this paper is to clarify the relationship among those corporate behaviors which impact knowledge exploration. Preliminary research has been conducted to explore their representative relationships which has not been found in previous research. The way of preliminary research is interviews with several corporate executives to identify corporate behaviors required for innovation. Qualitative research (a questionnaire given to over 150 businesspeople working for big companies) has been conducted by using the findings of previous research and preliminary research. The result of factor analysis from questionnaire data showed that the metrics by the above verification of validity are clarified to consist of nine items in those two factors, the 1st factor is interpreted as “Strategic aspirational leadership” and the 2nd as “Strategic alliance”. Strategic aspirational leadership is when senior executives display commitment and a challenging attitude that inspire colleagues at the management level to have the strong vision and confidence to succeed. The result of metrics development showed that two main corporate behaviors, strategic aspirational leadership, and strategic alliances, that influence knowledge exploration have been identified.

As a result of analysis, main corporate behavior which directly influences knowledge exploration for innovation has been clarified to be strategic alliances, such as corporate alliances, CVC, and outsourcing. And it became clear that strategic aspirational leadership was necessary to promote those strategic alliances successfully.

keywords: alliance; business management; corporate culture; leadership; vision.