Understanding Twice-exceptionality (2e): A Multi-systems Perspective

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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Understanding Twice-exceptionality (2e): A Multi-systems Perspective

Lin Lim



Although research and interests in twice-exceptionality (2e) have been increasing in the last few decades, most studies have focused on the definition, identification, and academic achievement in 2e students. Such focus can be understandable due to varying definitions, research operationalizations, and the lack of a typical 2e profile (Lee & Ritchotte, 2018; Wellisch & Brown, 2013). There is considerably less research focused on cognitive characteristics and least research focused on investigating non-cognitive factors influencing 2e performance and development (Beckmann & Minnaert, 2018). This paper serves to summarize factors that have been found to impact 2e, organized through a multi-systems (e.g., interpersonal, intrapersonal, contextual/situational, sociocultural, and socio-economical) approach, starting from individual variables to larger and more distal systems.

Keywords: contextual factors; learning; non-cognitive factors; sociocultural factors; socioeconomic factors.