The Role of School Leadership in Changing Parents’ Attitudes Towards Student Evaluation

Proceedings of ‏The 4th International Conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2021


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The Role of School Leadership in Changing Parents’ Attitudes Towards Student Evaluation

Amna Abdulla Alzaabi



The current Covid19 epidemic as well as the latest technological advances have brought with them new teaching trends and thus new evaluation systems that would address the new developments on the global as well as the local levels. The distance learning, already in place for many years, has gained more momentum in the last two years. This new evaluation and teaching techniques have brought with them lots of benefits, but also many challenges. Assessment, traditionally seen as the drive behind learning process, has taken various forms and it has been perceived differently by various stakeholders. Parents are confused about the evaluation process in terms of feasibility, comprehensiveness, and its tools. This confusion should not be left unaddressed. This research paper aims at investigating the role of educational leaders in changing parents’ attitudes towards students’ evaluation. The researcher has conducted a number of interviews with 8 cycle one educational leaders in RAK. The interviews addressed a number of issues related to evaluation such as assessment tools, school leaders’ new roles, evaluation of virtual learning environments, parents’ perceptions and expectations of distance learning assessment, communication challenges, and developing assessment. The researcher concludes that assessment in the digital era should be different in scope and type. The researcher also provides a number of suggestions to develop evaluation and communication in distance learning and to help parents catch up with these new trends.

Keywords: School leadership, Parents Attitude , Students Evaluation , Distance learning.