Significance of Hybrid Learning Model During the Covid-19 Pandemic at Higher Education Institution

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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Significance of Hybrid Learning Model During the Covid-19 Pandemic at Higher Education Institution

Mirela Müller



Hybrid learning is conceived as blended learning, its main feature is that it has its roots in online learning and represents a fundamental shift in teaching and solutions for which traditional teaching did not find a way during the global pandemic. When making recommendations for teaching at higher education institutions in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic with the application of anti-epidemic measures, among the important recommendations was the use of a hybrid learning model for students. Teachers were able to adjust the course of all forms of higher education only after determining that students, given the material and technical conditions and computer skills, can carry out certain activities at a distance. This research is the result of a hybrid model of learning among students at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek for the undergraduate and graduate study of Pedagogy in the courses: Multimedia Training and Media Pedagogy. The research lasted as long as the pandemic, ie (isolation) the entire summer semester in the academic year 2020 on a sample of 73 students. The research implicitly indicates which type of hybrid learning model proved to be the most effective in mastering the course outcome and successful implementation and realization of teaching during COVID 19. This research can serve as an example for other faculties where it proves with the introduction of an adequate hybrid learning model verbal and nonverbal communication during COVID-19, but also provides the opportunity to independently perform certain tasks and self-improvement. The possibility for the student to organize his / her own workspace, but also to cooperate with other students and teachers in acquiring knowledge, and this can be achieved with a precisely designed hybrid model of learning. It is the research that indicates the improvement of the quality of learning and the possibility of active participation of students in the learning process, which thus improves the learning outcomes.

Keywords: Hybrid learning, COVID-19, digital tools, multimedia-didactic innovationslearning outcomes.