Comparative analysis of programs for distant teaching

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2021


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Comparative analysis of programs for distant teaching

Chernova Olga, Morozova Nina, Sizikova Anastasia



The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection has dramatically affected all the areas of social life and has caused dramatic changes in human interaction, as it forced to change attitudes to remote forms of communication and investigate thoroughly online resources to ensure continuous professional, entertainment and educational activities. The purpose of the given investigation constitutes the description and comparative analysis of programs for distant teaching of foreign language in Ural federal university over a 6-month period of distant education. As the result, there were grouped features of online programs that have been used to provide the continuous educational process as the main practical resource in the real educational process. During the period of distant teaching these programs were compared and their strong and weak sides have been highlighted for future choice of the better option. Also, the description and analysis comprise the details of some technical features for organisation of a comfortable and pleasant learning atmosphere. Over the research teachers and students have thoroughly monitored operating options of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The distant teaching process should be accessible, convenient and variable for all participants of the educational process that is why the results of such comparative analysis are essential for teachers.

Keywords: distant teaching, foreign language teaching, Microsoft Teams, remote teaching tools, Zoom.