Neuroscience Research Instruments Used in Neuromarketing

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Neuroscience Research Instruments Used in Neuromarketing

Mihai Alin Anghel



In the field of neuroscience, there is a multitude of research instruments of the human brain which make neuronal mechanisms identification possible. This research is setting its objective to identify which are the main neuronal research tools and to see which is the level of their applicability in fields like neuroscience and neuromarketing. Starting from the concept that a neuronal research instrument can offer an advantage in a marketing campaign, a set of specific objectives has been created: identifying the main research tools in neuroscience (SO1); the applicability of these tools in neuromarketing research (SO2). These specific objectives have the mission to confirm or refute some working hypotheses which have the purpose to determine the importance of using these tools: the efficiency of marketing campaigns is higher by using these tools (H1); neuromarketing campaigns are more efficient when they are realized in a controlled environment (H2). Neuroscience is a vast and captivating study field, with many implications for both researchers and marketers. For sure it has provided a great understanding of how marketing campaigns should be created, but also how to understand consumer behavior, needs, and attitudes of individuals. During this research, it is now clearer than ever that neuroscience instruments are the core of not only future neuronal research but present ones too.

keywords: neuroscience, neuromarketing, tools, EEG.