Environmental Risks on E-Commerce Supply Chain

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Supply Chain Management

Year: 2023



Environmental Risks on E-Commerce Supply Chain

Mounia Hafiani, Laila El Abbadi





E-commerce is developing quickly and has become widespread thanks to the ease of transactions and speedy delivery. Using an e-commerce supply chain that meets consumer demands makes the supply chain (SC) one of the most links in an online business. Despite its fast development, e-commerce (EC) confronts many issues that impede the efficiency of the online sales process. In this paper, we focus on the environmental risks of e-commerce that affect environmental sustainability, and we draw on the findings of our two recent publications on supply chain and e-commerce environmental risks, for the mean to extract the risks associated with the packaging and resource, warehousing, storage, reverse logistic, and transportation processes.

keywords: E-commerce, Emission, Energy, Environnemental Risk, Packaging, Supply chain