Yeyoluntu Civic Engagement at Community Level

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Supply Chain Management

Year: 2023



Yeyoluntu Civic Engagement at Community Level

Fabrice Molongo





The achieve one common goal to deliver quality Booking Systems in Townships have been described as everything from ‘poverty-ridden ‘There are method of communicated to the Councilor and compilation of the e orts of many people that helped on Community and I had to Find a Solution in Imfuleni ‘township’ ‘location’ refers to the underdeveloped. As a result. Due to overpopulation, poverty and poor access to resources into Some Activists. Numerous Challenges, townships still face severe challenges and problems. Poor sewerage systems in townships are a big problem. It is poorly planned, constructed, and continually overloaded due to an ever-growing population. Frequent blockages, spillages, and a limited number of public toilets are just some of the problems that the locals face. The focus will be given to the Mobile application, Yeyoluntu, at community level. An approach to find ways of debating on issues affecting the community in order to find suitable solutions that can allow community members to enjoy their environment. In this case, the focus will be on the informal settlement of Mfuleni With all the complains occurring about the-efficient Booking Systems, the people seem why long Queue not to be satisfied. Therefore, upon consultation with the Ward Councillor, who exposed some challenges that they are facing administratively, we came to think of putting together a system that can ease the problem making use of technology. To implement Booking systems.

keywords: Booking Systems, Community, Development, Empowerment, Mobile application, Yeyoluntu, Skills, Social engagement