Design of a Rotary Blade Glass Pulverizing Machine

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Research in Applied Science

Year: 2020


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Design of a Rotary Blade Glass Pulverizing Machine

Alexander Osayimwense Osadolor, Bashir M. E, Osifo T. I, Ehi-Eromosele F



Glass waste can be recycled which behooves the engineer as part of the ingredient for making glass and also used extensively for the production of useful products such as paint, abrasives, AstroTurf and other ceramic wares, etc. Recycling of glass may involve the crushing of the glass into desired particle sizes with the use of safe and efficient pulverizing machines. This research work focuses on the design of a glass pulverizing machine which has a drop loading hopper with a retractable cover to prevent particle escaping the chamber, a horizontally oriented steel shaft to which is attached 3 steel blades separated at 1200 to their center, all enclosed in a cylindrical crushing chamber with perforations of predetermined sizes that allows the passage of pulverized glass particles through it and a 1hp high-speed motor which drives the shaft. The shaft-blade assembly was separated from the internal walls of the cylindrical crushing chamber by a clearance of 10mm to enhance crushing to finer particles and forced passage of the glass particles through the perforations. The drop loading of glass through the hopper from above reduced the crushing force of the blades, the energy usage of the machine and ensured retraction of the glass particles. Results from the testing of the machine showed that fine glass particles as small as 20μm were obtained and the glass crushing capacity was 230kg/h.

Keywords: Crush; horizontal-shaft; production; recycle; waste.