The integration of “Floop” platform for enhancing effectiveness of feedback

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2021


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The integration of “Floop” platform for enhancing effectiveness of feedback

Janar Abuova



During the pandemic, period teaching is becoming more and more challenging. One of the hardest parts of educating is considered providing effective feedback which will enhance students’ comprehension and lead them to self-study. Firstly, while studying online there is less teacher-student interaction and secondly, students are not sure how to use provided feedback. The “FLOOP” feedback platform was found very helpful for solving both of these issues. It was used for OPEN Teacher development sessions and was integrated into online teacher training that was called “Teaching process writing with the integration of technologies for online lessons.”   The basic reason for it is that it saves the teacher’s time by saving ready templates for the same tasks and it can be replied to on spot. There is a possibility of providing peer feedback for students which would be helpful for student feedback literacy and help them to develop their self-study skills. This platform is really helpful for one of the most challenging teaching contexts, specifically large multilevel classes. Therefore, it is considered to be helpful for all the teachers around the world.

Keywords: feedback, Floop, teaching platform, peer feedback.