State and System: The Rise of Plastic Racism Through Capitalism

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2021


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State and System: The Rise of Plastic Racism Through Capitalism

Antonio Lopez



Although there are numerous investigations regarding state racism, studies are absent regarding discrimination created by the social system. Indeed, nation-states continue to be the best analytical tool concerning migration policies and racial narratives. National behavior responds to the needs of the global economic system, although maintains a certain margin of action regarding the improvisation of racial policies. Commonly, the analysis of racism articulated through the nation-states has presented investigative deficiencies by not addressing the causes that justify their needs. The present research suggests that nation-states’ domestic policies regarding racism primarily embody a cultural conflict between social classes. Likewise, it is suggested that the conflict between classes constitutes a need of the entire social system that arises from the commitment to racialize human groups of workers. However, the present study should be expanded, mainly through an analysis of the social situation of native workers assimilated in societies traditionally receiving immigration.

Keywords: class conflict; guest-workers; immigrant workers; racialization; temporary labor.