Building Transformational Leadership in Times of Crisis: Research in Non-governmental organizations

Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2021


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Building Transformational Leadership in Times of Crisis: Research in Non-governmental organizations

Bogna Halska-Pionka, Aleksandra Jaszczyk, Krzysztof Kula, Michalina Tańska



Non-governmental organizations are unique spaces that changed their organizational habits during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Their role and unconventional strategy emphasized the essence of actions aimed at redefining the tools for solving local and global crisis situations. The most important issues turned out to be establishing cooperation inside and outside the organization and changing organizational leadership. NGOs dealing with climate-related activities and supporting local entrepreneurship found themselves in an extremely complex situation. Difficulties in acquiring stakeholders, decreased employee engagement and motivation, and limited communication forced the organization to create strong leadership and internal resilience. In the literature of the entity, there is still a shortage of solutions applicable in the management of organizations towards new problems related to globalization and the environmental crisis. For this reason, netnographic research has been carried out in non-governmental organizations in Poland, dealing with broadly understood ecology. The aim of the paper will be to present the results of research and to indicate the existence of a network of relationships between leadership styles and the level of innovation and efficiency of the organization. There will also be a reflection on management systems in NGOs, which changed their face in times of crisis. The research has been supported by a grant from the Priority Research Area FutureSoc under the Strategic Programme Excellence Initiative at the Jagiellonian University.

Keywords: climate-related activities; internal resilience; management models; netnographic research; socio-economic changes .