A research study of employer attributes in a disruptive business environment in Macao

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Research in Human Resource Management

Year: 2023

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.icrhrm.2023.03.100


A research study of employer attributes in a disruptive business environment in Macao

Wei Hong, Farzad Sabetzadeh, Li Wen Jing




Purpose–Subject to a disruptive business environment, this research tries to define employer attributes from current employees’ perception using a concern and attitude framework.

Design/methodology/approach–Employees from two lead catering groups in Macao have been studied via open-ended questionnaires. Content analysis has been applied to analyze qualitative data obtained. Interview is conducted to ensure the validity of data.

Findings–Subject to a disruptive business environment in Macao, the most concerned employer attributes are the salary, job security, and teamwork among employees in restaurants. In contrast, organizational culture and value, CSR activities, and other attributes are the least essential employer attributes. Respondents held mixed feelings toward promotion opportunities. 16 of 20 of participants were positive toward their employer because they would likely recommend job opportunities to friends or relatives. Positive and negative employer attributes are found as well. Interviews proved the findings, which shows the consistency of response.

Originality/value–This research extends the application of employer branding in a turbulent business environment, in response to Lieven and Slaughter’s research call. The present study introduces the concern and attitude framework, a tool used to assess employees’ perceptions of employer attributes, and categorizes these attributes accordingly based on participants’ responses. By acknowledging that employees’ assessments of employer attributes are based on actual needs, and that perceptions of the employer brand may change over time, this research argues that management practitioners must understand employees’ actual thoughts and make corresponding policy and strategic changes subject to disruptive business environments.

keywords: Employer Attributes, Employer of Choice, Macao Food and Beverage Industry, Employer Brand