Evaluating Quality of Communication Strategies Relating to Management of Corporate Reputation

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2021


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Evaluating Quality of Communication Strategies Relating to Management of Corporate Reputation

Donatta Muthikwa Nzioki, Wilson Ugangu, Idah Muchunku



As expectations of customers are changing, businesses are trying innovative ways to meet changing needs of customers. Corporate communication strategies to sell organizational brand and to manage reputation are getting greater attention. Therefore, maintaining organizational reputation needs organs and processes to support effective communication strategies. Communication strategies, as linkages of the organization, should play an important role in management of reputation. Some researchers and scholars have discussed communication strategies based on organizational operations and customer focus, but evaluating corporate communication strategies with respect to management of reputation has not been substantively addressed. This paper focuses on corporate communication strategies with regard to the management of reputation. The research identified indicators of corporate communication strategies and found that they have a correlation with management of reputation. An evaluation model based on matter-element analysis with Back Propagation (BP) algorithm was also developed.  Model results show that organizations can increase effectiveness of communication strategies by improving internal factors, stakeholder support and technological factors. The research was limited to one organization, a public university. An evaluation based on more than one organization can give greater insights on applicability of the proposed model. Future research can practically apply the model by developing software or that can be user-friendly for business organizations to be able to easily evaluate communication strategies.

Keywords: BP algorithm; corporate communication strategies; evaluation model; management of reputation; matter-element analysis.