Factors Affecting the Decision in Using Mobile Banking

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/3rd.icmef.2021.02.127

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Factors Affecting the Decision in Using Mobile Banking

Kitimaporn Choochote



This research aims to study factors affecting the decision in using mobile banking services for a case study of Kathu District Phuket by using questionnaires as a tool for data collection with 400 samples. Findings in the study reveal that majority of people for 167 persons select to use the service of Siam Commercial Bank accounting for 41.8%. The reason for selecting the financial transaction via mobile banking is due to inconvenience in using the services at the bank branches as commented by 232 people accounting for 58.0%. While 198 persons, accounting for 49.5 percent can learn how to use mobile banking through 198 bank employees. As for frequency in using mobile banking, most of the sample about 248 people use the service at an average of 2-5 times accounting for 62.0%. The problem and barrier in using mobile banking services are a transaction security issueม and for the satisfaction with the rate of the fee charged in each transaction. If the suggestion of usage is provided by staff, this will make users more interested in using mobile banking services.

Keywords: electronic banking, e-commerce, mobile banking.