Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality

Year: 2023



Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace

Namayanja Fahimat




This research paper explores the issue of gender discrimination in workforce and its impact on the satisfaction and motivation, commitment and enthusiasm and stress level of employees.
Close ended questionnaire was administered from 250 males and females of lower, middle and higher category employees of public, private, Organizations for Youth, Children and Woman health and education departments of Wakiso District Uganda East Africa.
Gender discrimination in workforce was measured through independent samples-t test and analysis shows that females were discriminated more than males in private organizations.

Thus the findings show that females are discriminated more than males in private sector than in public sector. The impact of gender discrimination on satisfaction & motivation, commitment & enthusiasm and stress level was assessed through Pearson product moment correlation co-efficient. The results show that gender discrimination decreases satisfaction & motivation and commitment & enthusiasm level of employees, and increases the stress level in the employees.

keywords: Gender discrimination, Workforce, Satisfaction & Motivation, Commitment & Enthusiasm, Stress Level