Fridays for Future Movement Include LGBTQ People; What Was Recorded Distantly?

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality

Year: 2023



Fridays for Future Movement Include LGBTQ People; What Was Recorded Distantly?

Roghaiyeh Ranji Shahgoli




Fridays for future (FFF) movement has spread across countries. The majority of this transition depict by the media. Concepts, aims, and even movement principles may alter and be challenged during this phase. Therefore, this study’s goal was to evaluate FFF movement’s current situation in an Iranian metropolis. Teenage boys were the focus of questionnaires and field interviews conducted in the FFF target community. The results indicated that 90% of them had never heard of the FFF movement, and the remaining could not briefly describe it. One fifth of respondents who had heard of FFF were uninformed of LGBTQ people, the remaining recognized both movements as one. In fact, none of the participants were aware of the focus that FFF placed on environmental issues and the boys who had heard of FFF thought it was to belong LGBTQ. These results demonstrated that the FFF movement is still entirely unknown to the teenaged boys who were the study’s volunteers. The main evidence for the belief that the two were equivalent was mentioned as the presence of the LGBTQ flag during FFF protests and the merging of certain of their logos. Only male participants contacted for cultural and social reasons. It was recommended to regularly evaluate global feedback on the movement’s policies for broadening its scope.

keywords: Fridays for future, LGBTQ, Media, Rainbow flag, Environment