Coronavirus: A Chance Or Curse For Education?

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2020


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Coronavirus: A Chance Or Curse For Education?

Avraam Sachpatzidis



The Covid-19 crisis meant, and means already,  a huge downturn in all economic activity, all over the world. A few sectors seem to be growing, as people use more technology, but most organizations of all shapes and sizes are taking a massive hit. As a first conclusion, global society is heading inevitably into a deep global recession. Instructional designers and online faculty are professionals who have to step up in a period that highlights the expertise they bring, knowing that it is their time, energy, and talent that can make all the difference for their students. When this new creativity is allowed to be leveraged, it can enable students to continue their education. In this way, this pandemic and any kind of crisis to be, does not derail their future plans. Almost nobody believes that only online education should be done all the time. But it seems like a victory during the pandemic and can make some aspirational plans for both remote teaching/learning and working remotely conditions. The new concept can help faculty members and teachers to translate their teaching expertise into a different learning modality. Institutions that have invested in faculty training for online teaching/design, development of course templates, and/or web-enhanced courses will be in a much better position. Both government and administration can help and support teachers and learners through a difficult time, focusing on engagement, compassion, and flexibility, for the young people not to continue to feel the impact of the deep recession that coincided with their entry into the labour market. This is a mission to be reversed the day after.

Keywords: education, flexibility, labour market, online classes, pandemic crisis.