The Dharma of Ecology – Contemporary Narratives of Environmental Politics

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Future of Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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The Dharma of Ecology – Contemporary Narratives of Environmental Politics

Ragini Kapoor



What could be the reason that as twenty-first century beings, humanity still fails to save the planet Earth, its natural sources, and all its species, most of them on the verge of getting extinct! Environmental Politics certainly needs to take the charge to pinch the much-needed wake-up call for all. Dharma, or simply put, one’s duty, embraces a lot of profound principles to live a contented life, foremost for others, and lastly, for oneself. Dharma of Ecology means that though nature’s duty is to nourish everyone but then it has been made to compromise in front of humanity’s egoistic aims. And it also stands what should be one’s dharma to save ecology or nature as such. Taking nature’s beauty and might for granted will let nature reduced to a term, “cultural discourse”. In fact, nature will ever remain as undefined. Not everything needs a definition especially when something prevails as a nurturer of all. Ecological thinking requires nature to be given a voice for unfortunately humanity seems to ignore the wondrous and everlasting existence of nature as a whole. If all things natural have been made to compromise then the change and the solutions have to come from humanity itself. This is something which is simple to understand but difficult to implement still. The paper tries to fulfil the objective of explaining these terse and laconic statements that highlight the twenty-first century.

Keywords: Dharma, Ecological Peace, Moral Renaissance, Peace Building, Environmental Politics.