The Perceived Attitude of Restaurant Applications Users In The City of Bogota, Colombia

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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The Perceived Attitude of Restaurant Applications Users In The City of Bogota, Colombia

Gerson Jaquin Cristancho-Triana, Campo Elías López-Rodríguez, Yezid Alfonso Cancino-Gómez and Fernando Augusto Poveda-Aguja



Taking into account the aspects considered by mobile app users when ordering prepared food, this research aims to understand the consumer’s perceived attitude of home applications through a multi-attribute model and the relationship between factors about the most perceived applications. This research is based on attitude theory through a multi-attribute model that measures the judgment of value and experience towards a brand by the current and potential consumer. The degree of association between the stratum of the population studied and the factors affecting the use of applications for purchases or home services were identified through bivariate correlations through Spearman’s Rho statistic. The results show that the longest-time brands in the market have a better perception of the consumer; however, the brands with the highest perceived attitude have a weak relationship between the stratum of the population and the factors that affect the use of home applications. The research allows making an assessment through the attributes perceived by the consumer towards the most used applications, comparing their performance level from a general measurement of the category; In this way, the perception by consumers is identified to strengthen the value proposition by the organizations that use these technological platforms.

Keywords: Consumption, perceived attitude, mobile applications, home services.