A Philosophical Glance on Hippocratic Oath and Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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A Philosophical Glance on Hippocratic Oath and Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics

Ven. Wadigala Samitharathana



Ancient Hippocratic Oath is substantially correlated with Hippocratic Conventionalism and Hippocratic Ethics inevitably.  As an intensive result of Hippocratic arising, contemporary medical culture-oriented onto the humanitarian and professional identity of medicine. In particular, it has remarkably been a revolutionary reason as a symbolic force in the history of medicine since in the mid-1960s. The Hippocratic Oath would be capable of considering as the most significant legislative report for medicine in ever historiographic survey. Primarily, this manifesto has precisely revealed the instrumental and formulate a science of ethics on behalf of the professional attitude of generations of physicians. Such a medical etiquette does often play in humanistic platform undoubtedly. Overleaf, this controversial manifesto descending from 6th century B. C. to the 1st century and now up to the contemporary era as a scientific and humanitarian dialectic. So in this paper of brief analysis on Hippocratic Oath and Contemporary medical issues formally say that the philosophy of medicine is precisely crucial and substantial. Such a philosophical critique of bioethics cannot ever do as an isolated platform as well as it often evaluates with socio-scientific perspectives in the sustainable world. So here as it does hypothesize, the Hippocratic Oath has undoubtedly predominated a tremendous humanistic manifesto on behalf of an empirical study of medicine. Nevertheless, however, as time passed, it certainly makes some traditional erroneous consequences on economic-politic-socio-religious procedures. Then all must mutually be collaborated and harmonious to reconcile the well-being of the community.

Keywords: Medicine; Ethics; Humanitarian Dialectic; Bioethics; Empirical Study.