Study of the Role of Public Diplomacy in the Dialogue among Civilizations

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2020


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Study of the Role of Public Diplomacy in the Dialogue among Civilizations

Amir Reza Emami and Fateme Zare



Public diplomacy has shown that it plays an important role in strengthening and achieving the national interests of countries as one of the tools for using soft power. Today, public diplomacy, as an alternative to traditional diplomacy, has found a central place in the foreign policy of countries, especially Iran due to the lasting impact and lower costs in achieving foreign policy goals, the main place in the foreign policy of countries. One of the most important tasks of public diplomacy is to establish dialogue and international relations. In this regard, Mohammad Khatami, one of the former presidents of the Islamic Republic, tried to advance the goals of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic and to show a peaceful approach to this political system with the model of ‘’the dialogue among civilizations.’’ Findings show that public diplomacy as a valuable tool could play a relatively constructive but minor role in the dialogue of civilizations. Also, lead to overcoming imposed isolation, have a relative increase in the interactions of the Islamic Republic at the level of nations and governments, draw a new mentality of the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a peaceful identity. Actually in general, due to the lack of knowledge of public diplomacy, its sources of power, mediocre performance, and dependence on traditional diplomacy, it could not remain an effective and efficient tool for dialogue among civilizations. The present study is a descriptive-analytical research and the method of collecting information in the form of various data is through the use of library and virtual resources.

Keywords: Public Diplomacy, Dialogue among Civilizations, Peace, Khatami.