Bremen mission’s heritage in Amedzofe

Proceedings of The The 3rd International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Bremen mission’s heritage in Amedzofe

Yao Joseph Homadji Ladzekpo



Broadly a lot of scholarly work has been done on the history, archaeology, religion, slavery and colonialism of Volta Region of Ghana then the Trans-Volta Togoland but no research work have been specifically done on the Bremen mission’s heritage in Amedzofe. And this study sought to bridge the gap by using the audiovisual medium to collect and present data on specific aspects of heritage, culture, religion, social life, economic, built environment, ethno-medicine, and nature of the Amedzofe community.The study used a multiple of research methods to collect and present data on the Settlement history and on the Bremen mission’s heritage in Amedzofe. This methodological option was informed by the fact that there are multiple stakeholders in the use and preservation of these heritage properties in Amedzofe. Primary and secondary empirical data were collected during the fieldwork in Amedzofe and Accra.The findings of the study reveal that the Bremen Mission brought about both tangible and intangible influences on the people and community of Amedzofe. These legacies include social and religious, coupled with Amedzofe’s own natural heritage, it is apparent that there is a rich heritage mix – cultural landscape, natural and cultural heritage properties left behind as a result of the coexistence. Further results indicate that these heritage properties are of immense value to the community, but lack the knowhow to maintain, develop them for todays use and also preserved them for the future generations.

Keywords: conservation; cultural; intangible; religion; value.