Access to and Acquisition of Digital Audiorelated Skills for Students in Humanities and Culture-Related Courses in Higher Education – As Easy as an E Major Chord?

Proceedings of The 3rd Global Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2022



Teaching digital audio skills –  status, example scenarios and agenda for embedding the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) GarageBand in a Digital Humanities teaching-learning scenario

Katrin Fritsche



Working with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) allows people outside of the music industry to experiment with sound and music for individual purposes. In principle, this also results in the possibility of using such a technology for various educational and teaching purposes. This article discusses how this is possible for the field of Digital Humanities even without a musicological or practical background. For this purpose, the need for imparting digital skills to Humanities students is shown before existing application scenarios of DAWs in the educational context and with a specific reference to the Humanities are presented. Subsequently, learning and educational theory assumptions for the use of the application are shown. Among other things, they meet collaborative and cooperative criteria, promote digital skills in learners, contribute to the practical testing and implementation of knowledge and meet the criterion of overarching learning locations. In addition, an approach to embedding the DAW GarageBand in a teaching scenario is presented, providing explanations and links for educators who want to try GarageBand in the context of a culture-related topic in a Digital Humanities course. This article is therefore aimed at all those interested in the subject of digital audio productions and especially at teachers.

keywords: Creative Teaching Methods, Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning, Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Digital Tools, and Applications