Building Voices in TED Through the Interest Towards the School Community

Proceedings of The 3rd Global Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2022



Building Voices in TED Through the Interest Towards the School Community

Nancy Grande



The presentation aims to describe a one-year-school project carried out with boys and girls of seventh grade at a private school in Colombia, under the basis of Critical Pedagogy. The presentation starts with the origin of the teacher’s pedagogical inquiry about the concept of community. Then, it explains students’ choices about one person in the school they wanted to work with: their families, students in other classes, teachers, and the school guards. Then, the presentation shows the Getting-to-know process in which students know more about that person. After that, it shows the classes designed, planned and made by them, always based on their interests and skills. Finally, this presentation focuses on the results of the project coming from the same pair work reflections, which show stronger human links, skills development, knowledge curiosity, a better understanding of otherness and a strengthening in the concept of a community, which is built beyond the school physical boundaries. The presentation closes with conclusions and a deeper one that states a proposal of a second pedagogical practice originated thanks to this project, which works on the political action as a personal responsibility with the community where we live in.

keywords: Awareness, communication, English, learning, teaching.