Online Teaching vs Online Learning: A Study on Students’ Online T&L Environment

Proceedings of The 3rd World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2022



Online Teaching vs Online Learning: A Study on Students’ Online T&L Environment

Ho Wai Chi



Both the teachers and students face the same problem under COVID-19 pandemic: T&L are not as efficient when learning activities go online. This article will examine two aspects on E-learning, Flipped Classroom and online class administration. Flipped Classroom is an innovative pedagogical strategy that involves moving traditional lectures and delivering instructional materials online. It is not just piles of videos. The project “Flip, not flop” which funded by Teaching Development Grant (TDG) of the University of Hong Kong, conducted series of survey on students’ valuation in I.T. teaching, especially the effective ways to make Flipped Classroom successful. On the other hand, this research reveals the result of surveys on teachers’ and students’ tiredness and fatigue on changing platforms in online lesson, e.g., from slide showing to online learning platform, from learning website to online test. Problems like chaos, off-focus happen. This article suggests an all-in-one solution with special functions to make T&L just one click away, namely, LAMP: LearnSmart Adaptive Moodle+ Platform. To conclude, the result of continuous survey on around 2,000 students, while more than half took during COVID-19 pandemic period, shows different factors on online T&L activities. This paper examines the direction to teachers on Flipped Classroom and the mode of online classroom.

keywords: Online Learning, E-learning, Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, Teaching and Learning under COVID-19 pandemic.