Can internal CSR be beneficial for employer branding

Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



Can internal CSR be beneficial for employer branding

Agnieszka Marek, Kalina Grzesiuk



The papers concerns the relationship between the internal CSR activities of organisation and their impact on the internal employer brand and organisational attractiveness. The papers is conceptual and addresses the research gaps identified in literature regarding internal CSR practices, internal branding and their relationship. It concentrates on internal CSR because responsibility of the organisation towards employees is perceived as employees recognition and respect towards them which influences the employer brand and increases the employer attractiveness. The literature analysis resulted in a proposition of a new model describing employer branding as an ongoing process. In proposed model internal CSR is perceived as a part of employer attributes which directly influences employees benefits and has an indirect influence on employee perceived value which leads to employee outcomes. The dimensions of internal CSR namely health and safety, organisational justice and fairness, work-life balance and employees training and development are crucial to provide a decent workplace conditions and lead to creation of a positive perception of employer brand based on employees’ opinions. The paper provides a new framework aimed at inspiring further research on the topic of the internal CSR in relation to employer brand building.

keywords: employer branding, corporate social responsibility, internal CSR, employer attractiveness.