Psychological Features of the Emotional State of Old-Age Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at the Ambulatory Stage

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Psychological Features of the Emotional State of Old-Age Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at the Ambulatory Stage

Lesia Lytvynchuk, Tetiana Synitska, Alina Kushnierova, Borys Yakymchuk, Vitalii Lunov and Marina Rostoka



After 60 years’ age, men and women have an equalization of the risk of developing ischemic artery disease. At the same time, psychosocial factors in the development of ischemic heart disease differ between men and women. Many authors show that there is a direct influence of a person’s emotional state on the electromagnetic signal produced by the heart. This discovery helps to understand better the mechanisms of the pathogenic influence of negative feelings on the functional state of the heart. The purpose of the work is to determine the main negative changes in the indicators of the psychological states of the elderly, ischemic heart disease at the ambulatory stage. And also to determine the presence of gender characteristics, to improve the quality of further psychocorrection. A psychological examination was carried out on 135 elderly respondents. Their psychoemotional states were tested (alexithymia, anxiety, asthenia, neuropsychic stress, various types of aggressiveness, negativism, irritation, suspicion, resentment, guilt, neuroticism, depression, irritability, sociability, poise, shyness, openness, extraversion-introversion, emotional lability, masculinism-feminism). A set of classes was conducted with the old-age people, the main goal of which was to rethink the attitude to their life strategies, identification and understanding of their own emotional states. The retesting results showed a positive impact of the conducted sessions on the psychoemotional state of patients, as well as the fact that between different groups there is a number of significant differences associated both with the health status of the respondents and their gender. Timely and qualitative assessment of the emotional state of patients by clinical and psychological methods can be successfully used for the prevention of disorders or if they are detected for psychocorrection.

Keywords: psychological assistance, ischemic heart disease, ischemia, coronary heart disease, psycho-emotional states.