Teacher training and good practices in the coproduction of knowledge

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2020

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/2nd.worldcre.2020.09.218

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Teacher training and good practices in the coproduction of knowledge

Donatella Donato, Lluna Arias Cortina, Isabel Bernat Mateu, Adrián García Folgado, María García Rovira, Patricia Lledó Cabrera, Francisco Muñoz Espuig, Clara Teixidó Orriols, and Manuel J. Tejedor Ayala



In this paper we present a work of good practices for structuring a dimension of teaching-learning process for the cogeneration of knowledge. The topics proposed by the Academic Guide in a class of Master of Secondary Education, have been an opportunity to promote debates based on the life stories of students preparing for the teaching profession, who had already had experiences in the formal, non-formal and informal spheres of education. The teacher and the students from different areas and disciplines have structured a collective dimension of learning activating critical thinking. The project lasted one academic year, concluding with the broadcasting of a radio program called Radiopedagogies and the forming of a group for pedagogical reflection and renovation as a tool for the building of responsible, committed and participatory citizenship. This work, written in co-authorship between teacher and students, aims to describe and analyses the fundamental characteristics of the strategies where the students are the protagonists. We describe the process of participation, the underlying pedagogical model and the importance of the evaluation and self-evaluation as a tool for constructive exchange.

Keywords: collective learning; critical reflection; curriculum; pedagogy; transdisciplinarity.