Gender-Based Violence and Abuse: Melek’s Victory

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2021


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Gender-Based Violence and Abuse: Melek’s Victory

Maria Kalfa



“Last January, after another long period of martyrdom, Melek begged her husband not to kill her. He threatened her with a carbine in front of her underage girls after leaving her naked and tied to the floor all night. It was then that she decided to save herself and her children”. ‘Melek’s decision to kill her abusive husband came as a ransom for the abusive behaviors she had tolerated in recent years. Gender-based violence continues to claim the lives of thousands of women around the world. In the case of Melek, she herself managed to put an end to this torment before we mourn another victim of homicide. What can be done to reverse other homicides? What can society do to prevent gender-based violence and the violation of fundamental rights? Gender-based violence can be silent or even silent. It is good to stand at the base of the iceberg and the way gender-based violence is built, because when you reach the top of the iceberg it is already too late.

Keywords: homicide, fundamental rights, safety, women.