Survey On Student Ideology for The Future Challenges of Biochemistry Education

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2020


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Survey On Student Ideology for The Future Challenges of Biochemistry Education

Fai-hang Lo



As reported previously, universities in Hong Kong are now facing diverse education background and expectations among our students. This survey followed up the potential differences in the ideology between the students from the old education system (OES) and the new education system (NES). A longitudinal study was conducted from 2013 to 2018, surveying some university students from OES and NES. Preliminary findings revealed that there was a statistically significant drop (p<0.05) in the overall satisfaction of NES students; whose average satisfaction score was 5.35 (SD=1.15), as compared with OES students (6.04, SD=1.45). Interestingly, when we compared senior Biochemistry students (SBS) from OES, their score (6.81, SD=1.15) was significantly higher than 6.04 (p<0.05). In NES, the gap between SBS and other students narrowed down to make no significant difference. Qualitatively, our findings suggested that NES students were less satisfied with physical health, society and politics, living standard, and personal values, when compared with OES students; yet, they were more satisfied with career, interpersonal relationship, and leisure activities. When SBS from NES were concerned, they were relatively more satisfied with physical health and generic skills; nonetheless, they were less satisfied with personal values, and leisure activities in particular. Taken together, the preliminary results implied that there was an overall decline of student satisfaction under the NES; whereas SBS’s figures seemed to remain stable, although there were some specific variations observed. Educationists should pay attention to address and satisfy the basic needs and ideology of our students.

Keywords: Biochemistry education; Expectation; Ideology; Satisfaction; Survey.