Mentoring as Motivational Tool to Develop a Professional Career

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2020


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Mentoring as Motivational Tool to Develop a Professional Career

Ana Sofia Saldanha



Mentoring is becoming an increasingly efficient tool to help students to develop a career, and to help professionals to improve their own. Mentoring as a discipline incorporates features such as: Motivation, Expectation, Knowledge, Humbleness, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Willingness, Experience, Adequate Skills (regarding the working area), Adequate Training, Personal Skills, among others.Nowadays, Mentoring, is becoming a crescent area of interest in Europe and shall be used in universities, even if as a specialized subject, to provide orientation, advice, guidance, help and even hope to the students who are studying in a specific area and want to try a career in that same area of studies, and to professionals who are working in a specific area/company and want to try a different pathway or to give a 360-degree turn to their life.Therefore, and as a very effective and powerful tool, mentoring improves motivation and motivation helps/improves a career. Mentoring should be adopted to transform the minds of the students and to show them they are good enough, important for the future and that they can (and will) become excellent and committed professionals if they have the right orientation and motivation. These same professionals will pass a message to others in the future and that is when we will know that our efforts now will be fruitful in the future.

Keywords: Mentoring, Career, Orientation, Talent Development, Life-change.