The Crowdsourcing and Its Application in Inbound Marketing

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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The Crowdsourcing and Its Application in Inbound Marketing

Chenag Samiha and Kalakesh Ghada




Crowdourcing is a newly developed term which refers to the process of outsourcing of activities by a firm to an online community or crowd in the form of an ‘open call’. Any member of the crowd can then complete an assigned task and be paid for their efforts. Although this form of labourorganisation was pioneered in the computing sector, businesses have started to use ‘crowdsourcing’ for a diverse range of tasks that they find can be better completed by members of a crowd rather than by their own employees.
The aim of this paper is to identify crowdsourcing and its difference from similar models such as open innovation, user innovation, open source, outsourcing, and to understand how crowdsourcing campaigns in an online environment can change brand perceptions and behavioral intentions of non-participating customers.
Furthermore, this article includes a small research body of crowdsourcing by examining its use as a strategic marketing tool and by filling the existing research gap concerning the effects of crowdsourcing on non-participants.
This paper examines how firms are utilising crowdsourcing for the completion of marketing-related tasks, concentrating on the three broad areas of product development, advertising and promotion, and inbound marketing research. Conclusions are drawn regarding the advantages and the limitations of crowdsourcing and the potential for the future use of crowdsourcing in inbound marketing.

Keywords: Crowdsourcing, Inbound marketing, Outsourcing, Open source.