Strain on India-Pakistan Relations through Indian Media

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2020


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Strain on India-Pakistan Relations through Indian Media

Dr. Masroor Khanum



This research scrutinizes the evils and implications of India journalistic orientation on the already tensed relationship amongst the two nuclear giants. It aims to research the strain on India-Pakistan relations caused through the India media. Employing a qualitative approach based on literature review, news, and selective parts of major issues and certain incidents as case study, the research finds evidence of the manipulation of Indian media in favor of their national propaganda. It also highlights the fact that the stereotypes, fostered through media, have been embedded in the cultures of Indian societies and shows how most of the journalists in India have turned a blind eye towards authenticity, objectivity and balance that represents the most important prerequisites of covering news and events. This study therefore identifies the potential dangers to the harmony and peace between the two countries, and their alias.

Keywords: News, Journalism, India, Pakistan, International relations.