Adoption Factors of Artificial intelligence in Human Resource Management

Proceedings of ‏The World Conference on Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2021


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Adoption Factors of Artificial intelligence in Human Resource Management

Mohand Tuffaha, M Rosario Perello-Marin



The phenomenon of artificial intelligence has been widely studied in several areas. In opposite, in terms of AI in HRM, the literature shows limited research on the adoption factors of artificial intelligence (AI) in HRM. AI has been enrolled in several HRM’s areas starting from staffing till management performance or compensation. A set of suggestions on how to adopt AI in HRM has been raised. This piece of research aims to identify the adoption factors of six scenarios of AI in HRM. These scenarios are turnover prediction with artificial neural networks, candidate search with knowledge-based search engines, staff rostering with genetic algorithms, HR sentiment analysis with text mining, résumé data acquisition with information extraction and employee self-service with interactive voice response. As a result, compatibility, relative advantage, complexity, managerial support, government involvement, and vendor partnership are determinants affected factors of AI adoption in HRM.  This paper tries to address new insights for practitioners and academics by minimizing the risks associated with AI adoption in some areas of HRM through exploring determinant factors of adoption.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Human resource management, AI Adoption factors.