Anxiety of the Pre-service Teachers towards the Central Exam

Proceedings of The World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Anxiety of the Pre-service Teachers towards the Central Exam

Osman Titrek, Süleyman Çalişir, Murat Bozkurt and Seyhan Şenocak




The main purpose of the present research is to detect the exam anxiety of senior students of Sakarya University Faculty of Education” The Anxiety Scale of Central Exam of Teachers”, was applied to Sakarya University Faculty of Education senior students and the relations between central exam anxiety and variables of gender, age, types of graduated high school, cumulative grade score average, economic status, department number of siblings were detected. SPSS programs was used in analyzing of research data , the results of t-test, anova results and Pearson correlation analysis were interpreted for the groups according to the variables. Coefficient of cronbach’s alpha was accounted and it is found reliable. It is detected that data and the value of Skewness and Kurtosis datas are in normal distribution. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)   was applied to detect whether the scale will be used in two-dimensional or not. According to the factor analysis the scale shows a structure with 15 items and two factors. As a result of Pearson correlation analysis, a significant difference and negative correlation were found between economic status of pre-service teachers and time dimension of Central Exam Anxiety Survey.  It will be clear that economy affecting anxiety level on this exams.

Keywords: anxiety, pre-service teacher, central exam.