The students’ perception in Primary Education about conflict in their school

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2019


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The students’ perception in Primary Education about conflict in their school

Alejandra Alexia Díaz Pino, María del Rosario Rosario González, Marian García de Rivera Hurtado and Lourdes Pérez González



Coexisting in school from a positive perspective, implies having students ready and willing to interact with each other following this approach. However, this determination could be limited due to their perception of concepts that are highly relevant to coexistence such as conflict, so it seems necessary to know the student’s ideas about it. Thus, this research, through a descriptive study, aims to identify the perception of 206 students of Primary Education of Madrid Region in their school about conflict, especially that which involves violence. The results show that although most frequent conflicts in school are those that involve psychological violence, the students have a remarkable difficulty to recognize as a violent situation the one that does not involve physical harm. Students perceive as well “conflict” as something negative to avoid and they highlighting the relevance of dialogue and teachers’ intervention to solve it. Consequently, it seems necessary to develop training programs that allow students to think about their own ideas of conflict and its potential influence on coexistence.

Keywords: classroom; conceptions; relationships; teachers; violence.